19The instructors of Eastbourne Salsa and our guest teachers have been travelling and dancing salsa at many congresses, salsa weekenders and night clubs over the years. They share a wealth of collective experience and have assembled just a few tips to help you as you develop as a salsa dancer:

  • “Always look up and engage your partner. Looking toward the floor impacts on your posture and stability.” – Sarah
  • “Remember the reciprocal tension. You must be able to feel each other. This facilitates good leading and following.” – Julian
  • “When dancing the cross-body style. Always remember your line and maintain it. Stay light on the balls of your feet. Dancing with flat feet makes you feel heavier than you really are and makes you more difficult to lead.” – Sarah
  • “No matter what style of salsa you dance. RELAX AND HAVE FUN.” – Sarah, Julian, Lynn, Richie
  • “Rather than crack out every single move you know… spend time to perfect the simple things. Refine your timing and add some flair to your basics. Feel the music and Dance!” – Simon Mascarenhas
  • “Guys: Assess the level of your partner before exercising all the routines you have learnt in class. You can do this by marking the time at the beginning of the song. This will determine the level of your partner and whether they are able to follow the moves you have in mind” – Don Kar
  • “Leaders – You should always take the 1st 10secs to figure out your partner’s level of dance before making her do complex moves. But you can always try new things with her. Followers – No matter the level of the leader. Always let him lead you with is own simple or complex moves. If you must do things to enjoy the dance. Make sure what you do doesn’t interfere with what your partner is trying to make you do” – Simon Lord Bachata